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    Selection of cleaning machine is mainly determined by cleaning requirements, rated pressure, rated flow and prime mover performance parameters. Therefore, selection conditions can be divided into the following:


2.1 Cleaning requirements:


First of all: Clear cleaning object before purchasing cleaning machine.Is it used to cleaning sewage pipeline, material conveying pipeline, heat exchanger, boiler, tank groove, large equipment or building surface, etc. Then, its necessary to clarify the dirt type, whether its impurity blockage or homogeneous fouling; Whether the impurity blockage is sediment gravel mixture or kitchen greasy dirt residue mixture; Or whether the homogeneous fouling is calcium and magnesium ions such as saline-alkali scale or silicate scale. Besides, is the cleaning machine for personal use or cleaning company use;Is it used to special equipment cleaning such as heat exchanger, boiler and sewage pipeline or comprehensive cleaning all kinds of equipment.


2.2 Specific pressure requirements:


The pressure of cleaning machine is adapted to the pressure strength of the dirt object, so long as the cleaning pressure exceeds the dirt object pressure, the dirt object can be broken and removed.


One notice: the cleaning pressure can only destroy fouling and plugging but no harm to specific pipes and equipment.


2.3 Specific capacity requirements:


In the case of cleaning machine pressure intensity is enough to destroy the dirt, its better to increase capacity than pressure to improve the cleaning efficiency  greatly, the effect of capacity on cleaning efficiency is much greater than pressure.


2.4 Specific requirements of prime movers


Choose electric or diesel engine as prime mover is determined by the use department and use environment. Cleaning factory equipment for enterprise should choose electric motor drive because they have enough power source electric power. Municipal project or other department need to choose diesel engine drive to cleaning sewage pipeline because its inconvenient to find power source.


After choosing suitable prime mover then select the machine type, the electric cabinet, cables, water tanks, oil tanks, high pressure gun, hose and nozzle can be determined by the machine type.


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